How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10

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Most of you aware of this error called system thread exception not handled and it seems very much irritating when it pops up on your screen. So today we gonna answer this query that How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10.

Many users in the recent time reported for this error and if you want to know what to do to avoid loss the data due to this error. Well don’t you worry. So, stay with us and read this article very carefully to vanish out this error from your system permanently. We covered some effective and quite easy to apply steps that will help you out with this one.

Before jumping on its solution let us first to talk about the what exactly “system thread exception not handled” is and why it pops up on your screen. So, let’s start.

What is system thread exception not handled

This “system thread exception not handled” is basically indicated that a system thread developed an exception that the error handler not able to catch. The exceptions can be many types but mainly these were caused by the incomplete drives, memory conflict and IRQ conflict and many more.

How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10

There is a blue screen appears on your screen when this error take place. With a message that “your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle and now it needs to restart”.

How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10

There are mainly three methods that were used to shoot this error from your system.

Method 1 – How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10

  • To implement this error we have to open the system in a safer mode. For this when you start your computer keep pressing F8 key continuously by this there is a menu to boot your system appears on the screen.
  • Select the safe mode from that menu and enter.
  • After the boot of your system, you have to find the file name with system thread exception in the system. Which will be like System Thread Exception Not Handled (FILENAME.sys). FILENAME may vary for everyone. So, find yourself.
  • List of file name with associated server

atikdag.sys – AMD Display Graphics Driver 

ATI2DFAG.sys – AMD Display Graphics Driver 

ATI2CQLG.dll – AMD Display Graphics Driver 

ATHVPK.sys – AMD Display Graphics Driver

 AMD2DVAG.sys – AMD Display Graphics Driver 

AMDKMDAG.sys – AMD Display Graphics Driver 

AMDVPK.sys – AMD Display Graphics Driver 

iaStorA.sys – Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver – x64 

wificlass.sys – Cisco wireless Acess Point

  • Note them down and again reboot the system
  • Again open the system in recovery mode of window 10.
  • Run the command “cd windows\system32\driversren FILENAME.sys FILENAME.old” in the command prompt.
  • Now close this on and reboot the system again. Now your system opens normally.

Method 2 – How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10

If due to some reasons you are not able to boot your system through method one then you can try this one. Many of the users are not able to put their system in the safe mode so there is another trick.

  • Turn it off and remove the battery.
  • Leave it for few minutes.
  • Now start the laptop again but don’t put on the battery.
  • Then put the battery after some time. it started normally.
  • then find the files that cause trouble (find it by the same process mentioned in method one).
  • Then reboot it again.

Method 3 – How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10

If both the methods are not working for you then you may ty this one. in this, you have to disable hardware acceleration in all the web browsers you have in your PC. There are different steps were performed for disabling for different browsers. We gonna cover Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in this post.

If you want us to cover any other browser tell us in the comment section. We will try to post a new one or edit this one.

For Google Chrome

  • Open the google chrome.
  • Search for “chrome://flags” in the address bar
  • Scroll down and find the GPU composition for all pages.
  • Turn it to disable.
  • Then click on the relaunch. Chrome will automatically start again and everything is normal.

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Search for about preferences#advanced in the search bar.
  • Remove the tick from the “use hardware acceleration when available”
  • Then close and restart Mozilla firefox.

Hope these methods are helpful to you. If you have any kind of query please let us know.

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