How to get roaches out of electronics

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It is a widespread problem, and almost everybody feels it, and nobody can let the roaches to destroy their electronics stuff. So stay with us, in this post we gonna answer this query that how to get roaches out of electronics. And all the methods mentioned below are quite easy and effective. We hope that this will save your gadgets from the roaches.

But before jumping on the solutions of how to get roaches out of electronics. Let us first clear that how you gonna find out that your electronics stuff became a fun zone for the roaches and they love to be there.

How to identify

First talk about what roaches really like – They like to enter the house and looking for the food but they also like the warm, dark and dry atmosphere where they can lay their eggs. And electronics provide them with all their needs they are warm due to their working and obviously they have to dry and they are also dark from inside. So, it’s like a dream place for roaches.

They can found in almost all times all electronics like television, refrigerator, air conditioner, laptops, internet routers, electrical motors and many more. Due to the heating effect of these devices, they are like a warm bed for them and they enjoy to be there.

If in recent times you found any kind of activities near your electronics devices then you have to take it seriously because they can destroy your devices or cost you a heavy repair that definitely you don’t want. They wander inside the devices and sometimes touches the high voltage components that lead the short circuit inside the device and that not good for our device as well as you.

how to get roaches out of electronics

Before going for the treatment of how to get roaches out of electronics first you have to check that is the Roches are really there or not. Follow all the steps mentioned below to check their presence.

  • Check all the areas of the device where a cockroach can make their way into the device like a power supply or any other opening portion of the device.
  • Also looking for the roach dropping around your device it almost looks like black pepper.
  • Looking for their laid eggs they look like tiny small balls.

How to get roaches out of electronics

There are some genuine methods mentioned below that will definitely help you out to get rid of roaches from your electronics.

Blowing the device

That is going to be your first move because it has a very high probability that it will solve your problem. Due to blowing up your device, it will disturb the roaches if they inside and they leave that place. You can use a hairdryer or a vacuum cleaner for it.

Please make sure that the tip of the blowing equipment must be narrow so that the air pass through the more force inside the device that pushes out not only the roaches but all of their dead remains or eggs. That will totally clean up your device.

Bait Placement

This is another good method for how to get roaches out of electronics. Just put a roach gel on the thin sheet of the aluminium foil and place it near your device. they attract toward it and die when they eat it. The roach gel is provided by a different brand, you can use anyone you find.

These gels are like slow killing bait that it’s not only the one who eats but also the other ones they come in contact with each other. And make sure that you take the bait away from the kids reach.

Check your bait regularly that it’s still there or they eat them all. then placed another one over there.

Sometimes the roaches eat the bait and die inside the device. But don’t you worry about it the blowing method will help you to get their dead remains outside your device.


Do you ever think why those roaches attract toward your device because they love to be warmth and hate to be freezing down. You can put your device in the plythene bag and place it inside the freezer for two three day but always remember to put the polythene bag to prevent the moisture.

All the devices are not suited for these kinds of cold conditions like LCD or LED screens. So try not to apply these methods over them.


Regularly clean up your device to prevent all the methods mentioned above. Try to look and clean your devices. You can use spray cleaners that come under various brands you can use any of them. they are filled with a disinfectant that keeps the roaches away from your devices.

So, these are some methods that solve the query that how to get roaches out of electronics

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