How to think like an engineer – On a daily basis

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Being an engineer is not just about having an engineering degree from a well-reputed university. If you are not implementing that knowledge in your day to day life then it is not worth it. In this post, we gonna some tips and steps that may lead you to how to think like an engineer.

All the steps mentioned below are implementable in your day to day life. You just have to grave and explore the activities around you. And you start thinking like an engineer.

Before jumping on how to think like an engineer first clear the actual meaning of what an engineer is

What is Engineer

An engineer is a person who applied the scientific principles in order to design, build and analyze the structures, machines, gadgets and many more. So being a professional one definitely have the degree from the university.

But to solve the daily mess you don’t gonna need any professional degree. You just have to be creative enough to solve them. Many steps are mentioned below that helps you out on how to think like an engineer.

How to think like an engineer

This section holds some tips that will be helping you on how to think like an engineer.

Understand the working

This one is the very first and most important thing. It is the base to be an engineer and number of the problems solved if you have a stronghold on it. Just trying to understand the working of the machinery, equipment, gadgets around you.

how to think like an engineer

Whenever you finds the opportutnities to learn the working of the things then pay attention there and asked out the person or your teachers if there are some doubts you are confused with.

If you understand the working very well then you can easily figured out whats the real problem inside the system and able to solve it also.

Focus on the importance

Most of the professional one skip this one also. You have to focus on the importance of every part inside the system because its not there for no reason. There is some work of every part included in the system.

To be a good one you have to clear this one, try to gain knowledge about every single part and knows the effects if the ones are not in its place.

There are some parts that have no working role but they just added to enhance the looks which are also another engineering department called architect engineering.

Develop 3-D imagination

Try to develop the threee dimentional imanination of the machinery and you grip this one when satblelize your holds on the previous ones we mentioned above. When you start visualing the system three dimentionally its very easy for you to find the error and fix that one up.

This one comes after a lots of practice. So, have pateince and keep working on your skills.

Keep hold over mathematics

Engineering is nothing without mathematics. So, before becoming a goo engineer you first have to be good in math. All kinds of calculations from basic to scientific level requires mathematics. The stronger is your math greater will be the help you get as an engineer.

Especially if you are a civil engineer then the importance of math increases more. You have to be very sharp in mathematics to be a good civil engineer.

Updating your skills

Technology keeps updating every single year passes. So, you also have to keep updating and working over your skills because maybe the most demand skill five years ago is just crap now.

So, keep working on your skills and try to add something new and useful according to the latest technology. Because at the university they were teaching about the technologies that were almost replaced by the new ones.

You can get the knowledge about the updated one over the internet and can also learn them over there. There are a number of website those offers you courses about the related stuff. In this lockdown, due to pandemic, it is the best option to bulk-up your skillset.

Analyse the design

Try to analyse the design of the things around you to get a great idea about the things. The design of anything designed by keeping on the various factors. And you have to get all of those factors.

Some of the design has a special reason behind it and some are just to enhance the overall look of the thing. This skill will be helpful to you to improve your designing capabilities related to mechanics and designing other stuff by applying your observations at a more microscopic level.

All these steps will definitely help you on how to think like an engineer and try to apply them on the machinery, gadgets around you.

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