iStar Software 2020 – Review

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In this digital world every online settled organisation (big or small) required consulting from the trusted agency that will help them out with all the problems they face digitaly. Like website developments, SEO, content optimization and many more.

So, in this post we gonna talk about digital agencey named iStar Software. First discuss about what really iStar sofatware is

What is iStar Software?

iStar Software is a consulting agency founded in 2006 and provide custom software development and IT solutions. They handle the business between small size and medium size. The website is globally active and provides their services all over the globe.

All the stuff mentioned below is that they claim they have and they are good at it. We don’t say it is good or bad. We posted our review at the end of this post

Main Features

Their solutions and services help business streamline and the workflow, increase efficiency, improve sales and lower overall cost of the projects. They provide consulting services and project-based solutions to organisations.

Their suite of enterprise application solutions are based on some of the well-known patterns, strategies and best practices. Whether you are building a new system or migrate existing applications to another one, their solutions ensure quick time to go live and work effectively.

They looking to build long term relationships with businesses all over the globe. If you are looking for a reliable software development partner on an ongoing basis, iStar software will try to provide innovation, dedicated resources and price discounts. They bring the necessary expertise to the table and understand that the only way to maintain an ongoing business is through the success of the clients.

What sets it apart

They have to work for some of the existing companies around the world. They value your service and strive to provide the best available IT Solution matching your needs. They will offer their services at a competitive price with personalized attention to detail of the project.

istar software

By associating with iStar, you are assured of a reliable, long term IT provider. They offer a flexible onsite-offshore model to ensure cost effective solutions with minimal are assured.

Different Solutions they claim to offer

Some of their core competencies include Microsoft .NET, J2EE and Open source-based tools and Technologies. They work with most of the best databases, Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions.

They specialise in Web Sites, Portals, Mobile Applications, xRM Customization, Analytics, CMS, SEO, Cloud Applications, SOA, Social Media Marketing, online payment Processing, Middlewares and Marketing Automation.

Review on iStar Software

According to us, this website is no trustworthy. They have a number of complaints filed all over the world. They may dine all of them on their website but there is some reality in all those complaints.

All the services they claim to offer most of them are not available when to try to buy them and those sell out are frauds. Their software will get banned after a few months of purchase by the original source.

They have the allegation to sell out fake products of Microsoft those will get banned by Microsoft after some time.

And have a very poor customer support. most of their active customers claimed that they never gonna reply to your problem at time and sometime gonna be so rude. They can’t maintain the long term relationship with their customers as they claimed on their website.

All this review based on the market image of iStar and we highly recommend you to stay away from this website and and share this with all your friends who plan to go for iStar

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