Sheppard Software 2021: How it’s helpful to your kid

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Being a parent is not that easy how it looks. You have to look after them in this digital world protect them from the creepy stuff all over the internet. You want them to have a lesser time on the screen and you want time to well spend. So don’t you worry there is a solution for all these problems and its called Sheppard software.

So, let’s start this with what exactly Sheppard software is. If you have not heard about it you missed the major for your kid.

What is Sheppard Software

It is an educational website based in the United States of America with a motto “WE MAKE LEARNING FUN”. And its definitely satisfy its motto. Contain hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more, for kids and anyone to use online and FREE.

Sheppard is totally dedicated to providing fun and engaging activities for the various age groups and problem-solving abilities.

Sheppard software

No one wants to their 5 or 6-year-old kid to surf the internet randomly cause there is no guaranty that what is gonna pop up on the screen in next second. And Sheppard Software is the best solution for it to engage your kid informational and children-friendly content.

It provides complete protection for the educational environment all the ads displayed on the screen are also education or children fun related.

There are already millions of parents used the Sheppard for their children and enjoyed it a lot.

And during the period of this pandemic of COVID-19, it becomes more important to provide your kid with a proper learning environment. It properly fits for the family works and any type of computer labs.

How much it cost

It’s FREE. Yeah, you read it right it is free for a lifetime if you are ok with the little with of advertisement during the sessions. I personally don’t realise it a lot.

Or if you want ads free experience you will go with the plan of 36$ every year. It’s super affordable as comparison of the value it’s gonna provides you.

Here are the different plans that Sheppard software gonna offers you.

SCHOOL Price 300$ per year

The price allows the unlimited logins in all classroom and computer labs
CLASSROOM Price 70$ per year (less than 25 cents a day)

The price allows the unlimited logins to all the student in the classroom
FAMILY Price 36$ per year (less than 10 cents a day)

The price allows the unlimited logins to all the family members
SCHOOL DISTRICT We will provide a discount on school rate per number of school/student. Discount is approximately 20% off on every extra school. Try to contact on

Pros and Cons of Sheppard Software

There are some goods and not so goods of this software. So, lets discuss them.


  • Free version available
  • Super user-friendly interface due to a lot of animations
  • Provides engaging and informational content to users
  • There is something for every age group
  • Numbers of subjects were covered like math, geography, Spanish and many more
  • Contain numbers of games, articles for the students


  • Due to bright animation, it is a bit difficult for the new user to understand the interface
  • The animation type is a little older so may be it’s annoying for some kids
  • Due to the numbers of games available there it may become some kind of distraction for the kids

How it’s helpful to your Kid

There is a number of points that mention how important is this Sheppard software to your kid. So,lets start it with

Content by Age Group

Sheppard divides its content for the different age groups. It’s majorly divided its content in 4 age groups

Preschool and Kindergarten

  • *Preschool/Kindergarten* (numbers, colours, shapes, alphabet, animals)
  • *Preschool Animals* (movies, create games, flashcards)
  • *Animals Kid Corner* (lower row – puzzles, matching games, painting)
  • *Geography* (learning and lower-level – states, countries more)
  • *Early Math* (Counting simple adding and subtracting)
  • *Easy Spanish* (colour, objects and animals)
  • *Creative Zone* (paint, make and create activities)

Elementary School – Early Middle School

  • *Animals Kid’s Corner* (upper row for older kids, lower row for younger kids)
  • *Preschools Animals* (movies and create activities)
  • *Math Games* (many levels and topics, many kinds of games)
  • *Nutrition for kids* (food groups, information and other food games)
  • *Grammer games* (games, tutorial, verbs, adjective, nouns, punctuation)
  • *Brain* (brain teasers, puzzles and more)
  • *Science* (Life cycle, Plant and Animal cells, movies and games)
  • *Health* (games about system digestion and skeletons)

Middle School – High School

  • *Chemistry Games* (periodic table games)
  • *Geography* (8 levels of difficulty)
  • *Math Games* (many levels of levels and games with higher difficulty level)
  • *Science* (life cycle, deep-sea creature and any games)
  • *Brain* (Brain treasures, puzzles and more)
  • *Vocabulary* (SAT prep)

The website has a variety of options present for everyone who want to learn something with fun-loving activities like video games based on mathematics, biology, geography and many more.

If the child is bit confused between the basic concepts of school subjects then it would be very easy to him to understand those concepts. Due to various animation filled activities during the sessions.

Website Interface and Design

The website layout and design is very children friendly that its quite helpful for any kid to understand the navigations given on website.

It looks bit overwhelming first time but after sometimes anyone can easily operate it. Contain various eye-catching animations during the sessions that will engage your kid with the learning and he will definitely enjoy it.

You will find the popular stuff on the left side of the website and right side shows the what recently added to website that you have to try.

You can setup to filter the ton of things to what you want for yourself or your kid.

The recommended section per level will help you up to find the content you want. You can get it by scrolling down the homepage. It’s helpful to find the content relevant to age/categories.

Content by Category

Sheppard software breakdown its content in various category mentione below


It contain various games based on the world geography based on the all continents, oceans and whole USA.

If you want to learn deep about the geography of the USA it will be a very good platform it contains the special section about US geography games.

There is a number of puzzles and games related to world geography based on the original maps. it will be very helpful to your kid to understand the physical geography of the world and the USA.

This section will be extremely helpful for the kid of primary school and the middle school to prepare for their history exams.

Animal games for Kid

Sheppard software contain number of games, puzzles and painting based on animals for the kids of different age groups.

Those will be helpful for the kids to understand and clear their concepts related to animals like how the food chain act and why the ecosystem is necessary for the wildlife as well as exixtence of the humans.

And all of this is done with the help of engaging animations that your kid will really enjoy the process of learning in a fun way.

Stuffed with the detailed knowledge of carnivorous, survivors, omnivorous and aquatic life also. You can get the depth knowledge of any species you want. Play the games based on those species and that’s it.

The animal section further divided into subsection for the great experience the subsections are-

  • Mammals
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Birds

Just go for any section you want to learn. Play the games based on them and grave the knowledge in a fun way.

Math Games for Kids

This is the section that will be great fun for your kid. Sheppard software contains a number of games based on the adding, subtraction, multiplication and much other math problem.

With the bits of help of the animation, it will be very easy for your kid to understand and clear the basic concepts of mathematics.

And I am gonna guarantee that if someone doesn’t like the math (most of us). In this section, he will definitely enjoy it and want to spend more time on it.

You can’t even imagine how much variety this section holds. There is something for everybody. It is the most used section on the website. People enjoy this section a lot because it will be great fun.

Brain Games

This section of the Sheppard software holds the various popular brain games that everybody loves to play like Spider solitaire, Mousetrap, Bouncing balls, Battleship, Boxes and many more.

The brain games are divided into various sections like-

  • Solitaires
  • Action Puzzles Games
  • Logic Games
  • Music Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Word Games
  • Memory Games

All of the games will be a great fun and learning at the same time.

Paint Activities

Number of painting based games are there. Your kid can develop his/her painting skills due to this section.

Sheppard software

Draw the sketches fill up the colour and enjoy it. Sheppard Software offers a great experience for the kids to work on their painting skills.

Sheppard Software Language Art Games

This section of Sheppard will be helpful for your kid to work on his/her language and art skills.

Play various games there like puzzles related to the grammar concepts and other alphabetical games.

If you wanna read more about the various online opportunities details then visit our website for more related stuff.

Science Games

In this section, Sheppard totally defined their motto that we make learning fun. Your kid definitely gonna enjoy this section.

This section holds the various engaging activities like Cell games: Animal, Plant, Bacteria And seasons like fall, winter, summer, spring, Animal science deep-sea life and more fun-loving activities.

They have different science activities for the different age group of kids. Basic level activities like food chain and solar system for the primary section. Evaporation and ecosystem type stuff for older kids.

Popular stuff on Sheppard Software

Here we gonna discuss some popular stuff on Sheppard Software That people love to use. This list is based on the public popularities of the games on the website. There are tons of games available on the website so its a bit harder to list few of thems

Ball Lines

Ball line is the very popular game on the Sheppard that will be great fun. Especially for primary school kids.

You have to arrange the balls of similar colour in lines and earn the points through it. This one is very engaging as well as entertaining.

Mouse Trap

Most of you played this game somewhere. In this, a mouse is trapped inside a puzzle and you have to make way to get the mouse out of that trap.

Kids definitely love to play this game. In this game, the gameplay is very well visually designed.


It’s another popular game on Sheppard software. Everybody loves to play it. It’s kind of bit addictive for someone that’s how good is this one.


Sheppard software is one of the best learning platforms out there, especially for the kids. I highly recommend this one for the betterment of your kids.

It will engage your kid with the knowledgeful stuff in a fun way. That he/she actually love to spend time there and learn so many new things, those were not possible in the school classroom or any other internet videos.

Millions of parents already sign up for Sheppard and love the high-quality service they received in return.

You can check out their Youtube channel where they posted stuff related to their website. You can get a good idea about what you gonna receive if you go for the Sheppard.

Although Youtube is a good source of learning it’s not child friendly. There is no guarantee after some clicks where your kid gonna ends up. So, Sheppard software website will be a good option for your child because of it’s child-friendly features.

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