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If you visit this page then you definitely know what “the outer worlds’ is but for those who are not aware of this first explain them. The Outer World is a popular action role play game launched by private division and developed by Obsidian Entertainment. This game comes for almost all the gaming platforms available like PlayStation, Xbox and Window.

In this post, we gonna provide you guide about the frightened engineer which is a side quest in The Outer Worlds. Side Quest is the side missions that will help you to get some exciting rewards in the game. These missions are not compulsory to complete but if you wanna get the rewards then definitely go for it.

These are not that much hard just a little trick that we will explain to you who to do it in the right way and get your reward.


You will get these rewards once you complete this side quest – Deserters Reputation Up
300, 500 Bit Cartridge
Electro-Charged Surface
8750 XP

The Frightened Engineer

In order to complete the Frightened Engineer side quest, you have to collect all the three engineering volume and get your reward. You can obtain this quest by having talks with Thomas near workbench in the bionic laboratory located in Emerald vale.

the Frightened Engineer

Thomas mentioned that one of the three-volume will found in the local community centre and another one in the town of Edgewater and the location of the third one is not known yet. So, follow all the steps mentioned below to complete the frightened engineer quest.

Walkthrough for volume 1 and 2

Thomas already knows the location of the first two volumes and is already marked on your map one in the local community centre and another one in the town of Edgewater.

First head toward the community centre and defeat the enemies guarding the area it’s not that difficult and there is a some another one those were killing the residents and works, defeat them. Thee is plenty of loot in the community centre so make sure that you check every single room. Move straight from the entrance toward the stairs to pick the Volume 1 – Guide to mechanical engineering.

Then head toward the town of Edgewater and look at the second floor you will found there the Volume 2 – Guide to mechanical engineering.

Walkthrough for Volume 3

This one is not that simple as the first two cases, you have to find clues to get your final destination. So, first get the clues.

  • Your companion Parvati mentioned before that her father had read a guide to mechanical engineering during his working shifts in the cannery.
  • You also find another clue that he left that guide into the cannery in an unused office.
  • The receptionist of the geothermal plant also mentioned that there is a guide in a plant’s repair way.

So, first enter the geothermal plant and mone toward the receptionist desk the there you get the information that they get the volume to the repair way.

When you reached the repair way yo’ll find a another note that mentioned that some borrow the volume and take it to the pit.

At the pit, you’ll meet Higgins. He told you what happens at the geothermal plant. And there you find the volume 3 – Guide to mechanical engineering.

Hope this guide on the outer worlds – the frightened engineer will help you out.

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