When Air Conditioner Invented – History

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Every year when summer arrives, heat the atmosphere and increase the temperature millions of people turn on the invention. That allows you to maintain the temperature as per your convenience, and that invention is Air Conditioner. A very few of us knows about the history of the Air conditioner and when air conditioner invented

when air conditioner invented - history of air conditioner
when air conditioner invented

With just one click the owner enjoys the coolness in the atmosphere but in deep its a very complex electromechanical device. Within the last 100 years millions of inventions are introduced for the ease of life. AC maintain its position within top 10 according to numbers of surveys

Understand the Air Conditioner in two steps

  • History of Air Conditioner
  • Modern Air Conditioner


  • The roots of air conditioner is somewhere in 2nd century in china. Where a person named Ding Huane created the first rotating fan which is manually activated. But the details of his project is not available now.
  • Later in 1758, a american inventor and statesman named Benjamin Franklin also gave his contribution. He conducts the experiment with alcohol and evaporation to attain the freezing point. Actually he is not done this for cooling the rooms but he wants to develop something for the food preservation. Because at freezing temperature bacteria dies and food can be preserved for the longer time.
  • In 1842, a physician named John Gorrie introduced a new technology. by which ice was created through compressor. It is based on that liquefied ammonia could chill air when its allowed to evaporate.

Modern Air Conditioner

Willis Haviland Carrier – Father of Air Conditioner

The very first modern Air conditioner developed in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. Willis was a skilled engineer from Brooklyn, New York who start experimenting the laws of humidity control to solve an application problem. As we said that Air conditioner is invented by Willis Carrier.

He started working on it to improve the manufacturing process of a printing plant in Brooklyn. Because by controlling the temperature of the plant, the production were made more efficient as the paper size and the ink alignment were consistently maintained.

Wills Haviland Carrier with his invention

Willis’s system sent air through coils filled with cold water, cooling the air while at the same time removing moisture to control room humidity

Later he introduced his own company named Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America to meet the demand of better productivity in workplace and with times it becomes the part of the lifestyle. Today 80% of american uses the Air Conditioners.

Residential Air Conditioner

In 1928, Freon was invented by Thomas Midgley Jr. which is a safer refrigerant for the residential use as compered to the other toxic and flammable gases like ammonia , propane used in industries.

In 1930, The White House (Residential of american president) is air-conditioned. The very first government building to be air conditioned.

In 1990, Microprocessor control systems are used in all areas of refrigeration and air conditioning due to the readily available semiconductor technology. Which makes the air conditioners are very easy to use.

Ban on CFC (Chloroflourocarbon)

In those days CFC is commonly used coolant in Air Conditioners. Due to excess use of CFC it effects the ozone layer very badly. Various Strikes were performed all over the world on the ban of CFC.

Montreal Protocol signed to protect the earth’s ozone layer is signed in Montreal, Canada. The Protocol establishes international cooperation on the phase out of ozone depleting substances, including the chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) refrigerants used in HVAC equipment.

The R-22 Alternative Refrigeration Evaluation Program (AREP) starts to find alternative refrigerants to R-502 and R-22.

And at last 31st December 1995, manufacturing of CFC bannned in USA


  • Air Conditioner invented by Willis Harviland Carries
  • History of Air conditioner Started back in 2nd century in China
  • In 1930, White House is Air Conditioned
  • In 1995, CFC is bannned in USA

So this the detailed article on when air conditioner invented. Hope you find it interesting and like it. Tell us in the comment section if you have some other details on when air conditioner invented and history of air conditioner.

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