Why Engineering is called the stealth profession

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Engineering is one of the most common profession all over the globe. Everything around you there is an engineer behind that. You may not see any of them behind the process but they are. In this post, we gonna clear that why engineering is called the stealth profession means invisible from others.

Before going to explain why engineering is called the stealth profession let’s take a quick look at what engineering is

What is Engineering

Engineering is the branch of the science that deals with machinery, design, construction, structures and building. Engineering is such a wide field. There are more than seventy different branches of engineering that you can pursue as a career.

 why engineering is called the stealth profession

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Why engineering is called the stealth profession

There is an uncountable number of good professions in the world. And is engineering is one of the professions that will add worth to your life? But its not that easy to be a good engineer. It takes a lot of hard work to be a good engineer.

First, you have to fight a very high competitive entrance to get the admission in a good institute because the seats are very less as a comparison to student those were applied for the entrance and approximately the top 1 per cent can get the admissions in their willing institute.

And it’s not the end of the hard work it’s just started because in between the four years of your college. You have to put all your efforts to complete your degree with a good score. In fact, in some surveys, engineering is mentioned as one of the toughest under graduation course because of there ae 8 semester and approximately 10 subjects every semester related technical topics. And it’s not that easy to clear all of them.

Then after getting the job on your desired place you have to work regularly there to save your position because of the competition. Engineering may provide you with the worth but it takes much more than this (your dedication, hard work and be patience for the results).

Why engineering is called the stealth profession because most of the engineers are almost quite wealthy and have a good lifestyle. In America, it’s quite common that an engineer with a 10-year experience and make a six-figure income. It all depends on the quality of the values you add through your service. You can even make much more than this. It’s just average statics.

Engineering is the stealth profession because many engineers are quite wealthy. Some just because they are frugal but what most people don’t realize is just how well we are paid.

If you are a good engineer with a great skill set there are always doors are open to you everywhere and if you have a good experience then it’s like the cherry on the cake. There is no limit how long you want to work, no one wants to lose an employee like you. You can take your retirement according to your will. And a good one at the peak of their career makes about 250$ for every hour of their work.

So, now you get an idea that why engineering is called the stealth profession. Now, look up to some examples of how well the engineer earns.

I have a friend in New Mexico. He has a master degree in software engineering and working for a private firm for the last 7-8 years and make about 250,000 USD per annum and it’s a huge amount.

And another friend of mine actually I don’t know how much he makes but he has an engineering degree with an MBA and according to me, he makes around 300k-400k per annum. and he tells me that he gets regular appraisal in salary as well as position. So if you are good enough there is always a way.

So, These are the factors why engineering is called the stealth profession.

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